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Our Perspective

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Q3 2019 Perspective

It’s been a summer to remember for investors, but for all the wrong reasons. The yield curve inverted, trade conflicts intensified, and the U.S. economy showed more signs of its age. But just as the summer inevitably turns to fall, investors may be wondering if the economy is moving into its next stage too. Could a recession be on the horizon? Maybe. Maybe not. Recessions are notoriously difficult to predict, even when signals are starting to flash red. But that doesn’t mean investors should do nothing. Since the stock market tends to lead the economy by several months it’s often better to be proactive. Late in the economic cycle can be a good time to re-evaluate portfolios, ensuring they are properly balanced and positioned for elevated volatility.

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Q2 2019 Perspective

“Sell in May and Go Away,” may have seemed to ring true this year as we had a very difficult month in all markets during May. However, if one had followed this adage, they would have missed the record setting positive June as markets now hover around all-time highs. This is just more evidence that while market timing seems plausible and rational, it just doesn’t work.

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Q1 2019 Perspective

We have seen a nice rebound to 2019, and very good risk adjusted returns. We are pleased our clients heeded our advice, trusted the process, and understood how and why we construct portfolios the way we do. We aren’t just tracking markets up and down, we have non correlated assets, we have true diversification, and we spend an enormous amount of time on the science of portfolio construction. We remain cautiously optimistic as the Federal Reserve, the largest risk to the markets, has backed off and we are no longer “fighting the Fed”. We chose to write the commentary how we view the Fed’s new monetary policy will affect various assets.

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TwentyOverTen Interview

This week, we got to speak with David Miller, managing partner and Chief Investment Officer at Auctus Advisors. Auctus is a Charlotte-based firm that specializes in comprehensive life style and legacy planning for affluent individuals and families including entrepreneurs, c-level executives, and professional athletes. To wrap up this exciting project, we are going to dive into the details of what it was like working with us to build an advisor website.

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2019 Perspective

We can finally put 2018 to bed. The two stock indexes we follow most closely were the Dow Jones Global Stock Market, down -12.3% (WSJ) and MSCI ACWI (all country world index) down -9.42% for the year, even writing it is frustrating. This was on top of over 90% of the 70 tracked investment assets classes finishing negative for the year (the worst in history). While our portfolios held up as they were designed (which our team is proud of), we are not in business to lose money and even well designed portfolios don’t “feel” successful when performance is down.

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The Perspective - September 2018

In this month's edition I want to reflect on and discuss the 10 lessons our firm learned from the 2008 Financial Crisis. Last week was the 10-year anniversary of Lehman Brothers declaring bankruptcy and the financial world changing forever; we must never forget these lessons we learned during that frightening time or we will be doomed to repeat history.